6 Different Ways To Style A Scarf

We love restyling different pieces. Especially suppppper affordable items. When you buy a scarf from The Metro Boutique, you are really buying  (1) a scarf, (2) a tube top, (3) a bag accessory (4)  multiple hair accessories & (5) a belt. A 5 in 1 item all for under ~$10.00 (you really cannot beat that). You can shop all of our scarfs here.

Okayyyyyyy, let's get straight to it. Here are different ways to style our scarfs along with pictures, step by step instructions & links to the exact item. 

Different ways to style our scarfs:

As a tube top: This style is perfect for a tropical vacation or as a beach cover up. Style is with high waisted jeans, shorts or a skirt and you have an easy quick outfit. + doesn't take up much room in your suitcase (win, win!) However, this style doesn't work with every scarf out there. Our scarf's dimensions ( 18 in x 18 in ) works best to use as a top. Other dimensions can have too much or too little material. We carry a ton of different colors in this style so check them out, and shop our scarfs here.

Instructions: Fold the opposite sides of the square scarf into a triangle. Then, fold the long end of the triangle down one inch to create some detail. Lastly, tie a double knot in the back and voilà! You have the cutest vacation top!

How To Style a Scarf - The Metro Boutique

Use your scarf as a bag accessory: This adds a little pop of color to your bag and helps you pick it out in a crowd. Shop scarfs here.

TIPS & TRICKS: Some of our scarfs at The Metro come with button tabs, (shown below in pink) that can help you fashionably attach scarfs to your bags and make them secure. It is one of those random things you never knew you needed until you had it. Also, since it is interchangeable you can use this little trick on any scarf!

As a belt: This style is soooo fun and one of a kind. It also really helps make an outfit pop.

TIP: Sometimes a traditional leather belt can be too harsh for an outfit depending on fabric; but, if you get a similar material to what you are wearing, it can look as if it was made that way & can help make colors stand out! 

We recommend a long skinny scarf for this style to make it less bulky around your waist & the correct length. Shop our skinny scarfs here.

As a hair scrunchie: Not only does it look cute, but it also makes your bun so much more supported and full. Who wouldn't want that? Shop our hair scrunchies scarfs here.

Instructions: Hold the skinny scarf out on both ends then wrap it under & over until you have only a little bit of material left. Next do a double knot & adjust the placement of the knot to your liking. 

How To Style a Scarf: The Metro Boutique

As a headband: Again, a skinny scarf is perfect for this style. It can effortlessly take your outfit to the next level.  Shop headband scarfs here.

Instructions: Fold one of our Oxford Scarfs (skinny scarf) in half (long ways) and then place it around your head. Do a double knot and either move the knot to the front or the back of your head. 

As a classic bandana: The style you might have automatically thought of when you see a scarf. It is a good go-to and very stylish. It works with any of our scarfs. You can either do the ascot look or the classic triangle bandana. 

As you can see from our list, there are so many ways to style a scarf. The Metro specifically carries scarfs that have the correct dimensions for these styles, so everyone can achieve these many looks. Shop all of our scarfs here.

Comment below if you think of any other ways to style a scarf we would love to hear from you!

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so many good ideas, I style my scarfs by tying them in a bow for my ponytail!

Steph January 29, 2019

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